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The First Book of Dubious Magic starts when John B. Stewart receives a blow to the head, and discovers that his wishes come true.  Or maybe it starts earlier than that.  Much, much earlier.

He stumbles on a plot to unleash an ancient, terrifying evil on to the Earth.  Armed with courage, determination, a large white cat, some antique weapons, some good single malt and his questionable magic powers, Stewart and his friends set out for a secret base in the South Australian desert.  They must confront police, soldiers, a mad sorceress and a demon from the Outer Darkness.  No wonder he needs a drink.


SKU: DM001
  • The Dubious Magic series chronicles the adventures of John B. Stewart.  Seemingly a fairly average Public Servant in Australia's capital, he runs his head into a poker machine in a moment of Scotch-fuelled silliness.  The impact wakes a strange power apparently lying dormant in him - his spoken wishes start coming true, often in ways that resemble unlikely coincidences.

    It doesn't entirely make his life easier, although he does get to leave his unappealing job and travel the world.  With the power comes unexpected responsibilities as he encounters sorcerers, demons, mad scientists and others with strange abilities and dark ambitions.  The truth, of who and what John B. Stewart really is, lies in antiquity, and finding it may be a perilous journey for the unlikely wizard and those he loves.

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